Pollai per galline e ricoveri per aminali da cortile Recinti e recinzioni, laghetti per oche ed anatre Gabbie e voliere ornamentali per l'arredo di interni e giardini Voliere per l'arredo di parchi e giardini
Terenziani residences for animals - Top quality made in Italy since 1971

Since 1971 Terenziani is producing premium residences for animals that are known all around the world for their top quality. The products are produced with special care and artisan skills using the best materials and hi-tech production structures. Terenziani’s focus of research lies on the optimization of animal welfare and security while being in line with the international regulations for animal protection. Over 40 years of experience and cooperation with known breeding experts allow for the development of products that fulfill the needs of the animals while being very functional, persistent and aesthetic.

We sell directly to our clients: aviaries, bird cages, modular outdoor enclosures, hen houses, barns for courtyard animals, cages for rodents, dog houses, isothermal floor boards, transport boxes as well as modular solutions, stands and cages for exhibitions and store fittings.

Courtyard animals

Breeding Solutions: Hen houses, Houses
for ducks and goose, outdoor enclosures,
cages for rabbits and other rodents

Products - Examples


Breeding solutions for birds, parrots, birds of prey and thrush; modular aviaries for inside
and outside; decorative aviaries for shops, gardens and exhibitions

Products - Examples - Accessories


Products for professional breeding
and home use products; outside enclosures,
modular boxes and dog houses;
dog loungers and dog accessories

Products - Examples - Accessories


Products for professional breeding
and home use products

Products - Examples


Products for professional breeding
and home use products; Cages for rabbits,
dwarf rabbits, chinchilla, ferrets,
guinea pigs and other rodents

Products - Examples

Store fittings

High quality solutions for pet shop;
Products for dog, cat, bird, parrots
and rodents


Exhibition and trade fair cages

Cages for presenting and trade of animals


Special offers

Offers which are exclusively
produced by Terenziani

special offer

Solid wood houses

Wooden houses for numerous usage:
green house, barn, pen, storage, play house…

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