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Solid wood houses for gardens and parks

Solid wood houses for gardens and parks made of solid wood and usable in many different ways


House Dimensions  
RED 190x190x340 cm  
GREEN 190x190x280 cm  
BLUE 190x190x280 cm  
EXTENSION 120x190x240/220 cm for the red houses
EXTENSION 120x190x190/170 cm for the blue and green houses

Other sizes are available on request

Landscape architects designed and customized Terenziani’s solid wood houses in different forms and styles. They are a perfect space to relax and can be used in many different ways: as houses for courtyard animals, aviaries for birds and parrots, storage, greenhouses, play houses, detached houses, summer houses, tee houses, tree houses …. The beautiful houses allow for new forms of usage and upgrading of your property.


Examples of installation:
Green solid wood house and blue solid wood house with extension used as a "green house"

Red solid wood house with three extensions used as rabbit cage, chicken compound and green house

Green solid wood house as nesting site for pheasants with an attached Monteverdi aviary in the gardens of the “Reggia di Venaria” realm in Turin, Italy





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