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Since 1971 Terenziani is producing premium housing for different animals. Our company is known for high quality, fair prices, excellent service and the very good functionality and durability of the products.

Sustainability has been central to Terenziani since its founding. In line with international regulations and best practices our products are fully recyclable, non toxic and in all aspects environmentally friendly.



We have currently started direct sales to our clients. Our product range includes aviaries, dog houses, chicken coops, animal crates (for transport), breeding cages for birds and rodents, breeding accessories and furnishing for pet shops and exhibitions.

  We are continuously improving of our products, incorporating the know-how of breeding specialists into our product development. All products are precisely and accurately processed using only the very best materials. Thus insuring simple, unproblematic and fast installation. All products components are easy to clean and allow for a perfectly hygienic animal keeping. All this providing for the animal welfare, allowing the animals to live in an adequate and homely “residence”.

Terenziani cooperates with animal rights groups and breeders in Italy and abroad.



Terenziani fulfills the following norms:
UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 in 2000 and
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.

TERENZIANI RESIDENCE FOR ANIMALS - Via Eugenio Montale n°53 - 25018 Montichiari (Brescia) ITALIA
tel.: 030 964041 - fax 030 9960198   -   Terenziani s.n.c.   PI: 00629110982   C.F.: 01461800177


email: info@terenziani.it
TERENZIANI Abitazioni per Animali
Via E.Montale, 53 - 25018 Montichiari (Brescia)  ITALY
tel.:  0039-(0)30-964041  -  fax:  0039-(0)30-9960198